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Boeing suspends 737 MAX production

boeingBoeing said it planned to prioritise the delivery of stored aircraft and to temporarily suspend development on the 737 programme starting in January after the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval going into 2020.


Boeing has continued to build new aircraft throughout the grounding of the 737 MAX, and there are now about 400 aircraft in storage, a statement from the aircraft manufacturer said.


“We have previously stated that if the MAX grounding lasts longer than we planned, we will continuously review our production plans,” he said. As a result of this ongoing assessment, we have “in this period, it is our hope that impacted workers will continue 737-related work or be transferred temporarily to other Puget Sound teams,” the Boeing statement said.


“As we have throughout the 737 MAX grounding, as we continue to evaluate appropriate actions, we will keep our customers, employees, and supply chain in mind. This will include efforts to sustain the gains made over the past several months in the production system and the quality and health of the supply chain.