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Cheap Flight to Egypt

       Holidaying in Egypt will be a beautiful experience for people from all walks of life, and booking affordable, luxury flights to Nairobi with us, really will top your holiday off. Specialising in flights from the UK to Nairobi for just over 10 years, we offer luxury and comfortable flights for super competitive and affordable prices. All of our flights are 5 star and we guarantee to beat any other 5 star airline on price when flying from a UK main airport to Egypt. When flying with us you can expect fully reclining passenger seats, full air conditioning and a range of foods including meat, wheat, dairy and gluten free options on all of our aircraft..

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Travel Updates due to COVID-19
Our office is currently closed due to government of UK lock down mandate and safeguarding the health and well being of our customers / staff. We have limited access to our E-mails and phone calls. If you are abroad please contact the airlines locally for assistance for any changes required and updates on the schedules. Thanks for your understanding and patience, look after your love ones in this difficult period, best wishes.