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cheap holidays to Pakistan

Are you Searching for cheap holidays to Pakistan from UK? Pakistan’s holidays will bring you to an exciting country full of music, mouth-watering food and historic architecture. Your preconceptions may be questioned, too. Not many people equate Pakistan‘s holidays with sun-kissed beaches, but one of the best in the world is its 1,046-kilometer long coastline.

Glittering lakes, swooping valleys and snow-capped mountains appear not to be synonymous with Pakistan, but here you’ll find them all, waiting to be explored. That makes this one of the world’s most enriching and exciting destinations.

You’ll need a UK passport and a valid visa if you’re flying to Pakistan for a holiday. Unless your visa has expired and you are using a British passport, you may be denied entry into your flight; so ensure that your paperwork is in order long before you board.

In different regions of Pakistan, the climate and temperatures vary, so be sure to check what conditions to expect before booking your flights. Summers can be very hot and dry in the southern part of the country where daytime temperatures can climb up to 40 ° C. During this season, humidity is often high in the large cities of Lahore and Karachi, so visiting during the winter months from November to April is much more fun. Conversely, if you’re planning a trip to Pakistan‘s northern regions and want to enjoy outdoor activities, the summer months from May to October are better, as winter temperatures can sometimes drop below freezing. In general, the best months to get your hands on cheap flights to Pakistan from the UK are from January to February and between September and November.

Your only choice of airline for direct flights to Pakistan from the UK is Pakistan International Airlines, or PIA and British Airways. Pakistan’s national flag carrier, PIA operates regular flights from London Heathrow, Manchester and Birmingham to Islamabad Pakistan, from Heathrow and Manchester to Lahore and from Heathrow to Karachi. A whole host of airlines offer connecting flights from other UK airports such as Edinburgh, Glasgow and London Gatwick with varying prices and flight times. Popular flight connections from the UK to Pakistan include Emirates via Dubai, Turkish Airlines via Istanbul, Qatar Airways via Doha and Etihad Airways via Abu Dhabi. Another option is to fly PIA via Islamabad to other destination airports in Pakistan.

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