Bahrain Flag Bahrain is a multi-ethnic society and a popular tourist destination in the Middle East. Bahrain is famous for its impressive mosques, burial mounds, and traditional markets. The following are the ten most beautiful areas in Bahrain.Assigned as the capital of Arab culture in 2012, Manama is an excellent and conventional city with a decent horizon. The capital of Bahrain is the exchanging focus and money related center in the Persian Gulf. Its horizon incorporates two arrangements of twin towers, the World Trade Center and the Financial Harbor towers. On the off chance that you go to experience customary Bahrain, visit the Bab-Al-Bahrain showcase, in which you will discover a touch of everything, from garments and sustenance to gold and pearls, a notable convention.


Bahrain International Airport is the international airport of Bahrain, situated in Muharraq, an island around 7 km upper east of the capital Manama. It fills in as the center point for the national transporter Gulf Air.


Main Tourist Destinations

Bahrain World Trade Center, Manama

World-Trade-CenterIt is the most dramatic and inspiring trade center, which rises to an elevation of 787 ft above ground. It is a twin tower trade center connected with each other by sky bridges having 50 stories.There are 3 wind turbines situated inside 2 of the high rises, which gives lighting to more than 300 houses. Bahrain World Trade Center won 2 renowned honors for the best engineering structure.