ChileLocated in the southwest corner of South America, Chile is described as being made up of three geographic areas. The first one, known as continental Chile, comprises a long and narrow strip of land on the west coast of Southern Cone that extends between the parallels 17°29'57" S and 56°32'12" S, mostly from the South-Eastern shore of the Pacific Ocean to the Andes throughout 4270 km.


The second, called insular Chile, corresponds to a set of islands volcanic origin in the South Pacific Ocean: the Juan Fernández archipelago and Desventuradas Islands, belonging to South America, the Salas y Gomez Island and Easter Island Geographically located in the Polynesia.


The third, called Chilean Antarctic Territory, is an area of Antarctica de 1 250 257,6 km² between meridians 53° W and 90° W on which Chile claims sovereignty, extending its southern boundary to the South Pole. Because of its presence in the Americas, Oceania, and Antarctica, Chile describes itself as a tricontinental country.


The main tourist attractions in Chile correspond to places filled with natural landscapes in the extreme areas of the country.Broadly, the Tourism industry is amassed in the mid year months, particularly in the beach front retreats in the Northern regions like Arica, Iquique, Antofagasta, La Serena and Coquimbo – and in Lakes district in the South zone in spots like Pucon and Puerto Varas. Furthermore, Chile is home to five locales proclaimed World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

Easter Island

Hanga Roa-ChileOne of the most isolated islands on Earth, Easter Island is located in the southeastern Pacific Ocean. This old indigenous island is found a few hundred miles off the shoreline of Chile and is on many can records on account of the Moai, expansive models of heads that spot the scene. These immense figures keep on being a riddle from the Polynesian populace that once occupied this island.


Not surprisingly, the well-publicized moai have overshadowed the island’s other tourist attractions. But Easter Island also offers some great diving and surfing as well as two volcanic craters and several sandy beaches.