Located in the southwest corner of South America, Chile is described as being made up of three geographic areas. The first one, known as continental Chile, comprises a long and narrow strip of land on the west coast of Southern Cone that extends between the parallels 17°29'57" S and 56°32'12" S, mostly from the South-Eastern shore of the Pacific Ocean to the Andes throughout 4270 km. The second, called insular Chile, corresponds to a set of islands volcanic origin in the South Pacific Ocean: the Juan Fernández archipelago and Desventuradas Islands, belonging to South America, the Salas y Gomez Island and Easter Island Geographically located in the Polynesia. The third, called Chilean Antarctic Territory, is an area of Antarctica de 1 250 257,6 km² between meridians 53° W and 90° W on which Chile claims sovereignty, extending its southern boundary to the South Pole. Because of its presence in the Americas, Oceania, and Antarctica, Chile describes itself as a tricontinental country.