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Cheap flight tickets to Guatemala


cheap flights to guatemalaTourism became one of the main drivers of the economy. Guatemala received about 2 million tourists yearly. In recent years, it has led to the visit of many cruise ships that touch important seaports in Guatemala, leading to more tourists visiting the country. In its territory there are fascinating Mayan archaeological sites (Tikal in the Peten, Quirigua in Izabal, Iximche in Tecpan Chimaltenango, and in the City of Guatemala). Destinations of natural beauty such as Lake Atitlan and Semuc Champey. As historical tourism is the colonial city of Antigua Guatemala, which is recognized by UNESCO Cultural Heritage.


cheap flight tickets to guatemalaTourism in Guatemala has grown gradually. It is an attractive destination because of the abundant and varied natural beauty and its long beaches of white sand and dark sand, coral reefs, abundant flora and fauna, and archaeological beauties, its colonial history, plus its entire culture expressed in their customs and traditional foods.


Lufthansa Airlines and American Airlines are the two important airlines that offers cheap flight tickets to Guatemala. Both airlines are connection flights. Lufthansa airlines have stop at airports like Panama City, Frankfurt, Newark-Liberty airports. American Airlines have stop at Miami, New york, Dallas airports. Acepoint Travel is the UK based Company providing cheap flight tickets to Guatemala and all over the world from UK Airports.To ensure you receive the best price deal for your flights, we welcome our customers to use our interactive online booking method and compare different airlines direct and indirect. For booking  and more details please contact Acepoint Travel or call +44 (0) 1494 535 666

Mayan Ruins of Tikal

guatemalatikalGuatemala, formally the Republic of Guatemala, is the 67th most crowded nation on the planet. It has a zone of 108,889 sq km. It is a nation in Central America. Its capital and biggest city is Nueva Guatemala de la Asunción, otherwise called Guatemala City. Individuals living in Guatemala are called Guatemalan. Spanish is the official language of Guatemala. Quetzal (GTQ) is its money. It has four circumscribing nations that incorporate Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, and Mexico.There are 21 Mayan languages spoken in Guatemala. However, Spanish is their official language.


In the humid jungle of northern Guatemala, close to the outskirt of Belize, stands one of the best archeological locales in Central America. The very much safeguarded demolished city of Tikal, involved between around 600 BC and AD 900, grandstands in excess of 3,000 structures, from pyramids and sanctuaries to courts and an acropolis. It was a standout amongst the most significant urban Mayan habitats for in excess of a thousand years and is today one of the biggest Mayan archeological locales of its timespan still in presence.


The experience of visiting Tikal is positively upgraded by the environment. Soak pyramids ascend over the wilderness' lavish green shelter and winged animals, monkeys, and other untamed life that visit the zone. Tikal National Park, which incorporates the remains, is a biosphere hold, securing rainforest and untamed life natural surroundings

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