cheap flights to indiaTourism in India is economically important and is growing rapidly. About 22.57 million tourists arrived in India in 2014. This ranks India as the 38th country in world in terms of foreign tourist arrival. The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2015 ranks India 52nd out of 141 countries overall. The report ranks the price competitiveness of India's tourism sector 8th out of 141 countries. It mentions that India has quite good air transport particularly given the country’s stage of development, and reasonable ground transport infrastructure.


flight tickets to indiaThe Ministry of Tourism designs national policies for the development and promotion of tourism. In the process, the Ministry consults and collaborates with other stakeholders in the sector including various Central Ministries / agencies, state governments, Union Territories and the representatives of the private sector. Concerted efforts are being made to promote new forms of tourism such as rural, cruise and eco-tourism.

Taj Mahal

TajmahalThe Taj Mahal is a sepulcher situated in India, in the city of Agra. The significant landmark of this nation, it is in white marble finely etched. It was worked somewhere in the range of 1631 and 1653 under the command of Shah Jahan in order to shelter the tomb of his wife, Mumtaz Mahal, who died in childbirth during the delivery of their 14th child. The Taj Mahal is a wonder of Mughal design, at the junction of Islamic, Iranian, Persian and Indian styles.The Taj Mahal is visited annually by 4 million visitors, making it the most visited monument in India.


The Taj Mahal is considered to be the greatest architectural achievement in the whole range of Indo-Islamic architecture. Its recognised architectonic beauty has a rhythmic combination of solids and voids, concave and convex and light shadow; such as arches and domes further increases the aesthetic aspect. The colour combination of lush green scape reddish pathway and blue sky over it show cases the monument in ever changing tints and moods. The relief work in marble and inlay with precious and semi precious stones make it a monument apart.