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cheap flights to malidivesTourism began in the Maldives in 1972. A United Nations mission on development which visited the Maldive Islands in the 1960s didn't recommend tourism, claiming that the islands were not suitable. Ever since the launch of the first resort in Maldives in 1972, however, tourism in Maldives has flourished. The arrival of the first tourist group is estimated to have occurred in February 1972.


Over the past few decades, the number of tourists in Maldives has risen continuously. In 2009, local island guesthouses started popping up in the Maldives. This was thanks to a change in regulations that began to officially allow tourists to stay among the local population, rather than just on privately owned resort islands. Today, more than 800,000 tourists visit the Maldives each year.


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Bluetribe Diving, Moofushi



Tourism in Maldives started with just two resorts with a capacity of about 280 beds in and Island Resort. Kurumba island resort is the first resort which was opened in Maldives then Bandos island resort was opened. At present, there are over 105 resorts located in the different atolls constituting the Republic of Maldives.


Marine life and great waters are the highlights of Maldives.Plunging, windsurfing, kayaking, swimming, pedal vessels riding and sailboats riding are not many of the water sport exercises that can be appreciated amid your visit to Maldives. All these can be knowledgeable about Bluetribe plunging focus. Additionally, Moofushi is outstanding for trip spot where whale sharks and manta beams can be seen by you in the shore. For cheap flight tickets to Maldives and for best tour packages contact Acepoint Travel.

Main Tourist Attractions

  • Ari Atol
  • Hulhumale
  • Meeru Island
  • Hukuru Miski