cheap flights to mexicoTourism in Mexico is a very large industry. Mexico has been traditionally among the most visited countries in the world according to the World Tourism Organization and it is the second most visited country in the Americas, after the United States. The most notable attractions are the Meso-American ruins, cultural festivals, colonial cities, nature reserves, and the beach resorts. The nations temperate climate and unique culture – a fusion of the European and the Meso-American – make Mexico an attractive destination.


cheap mexico flight ticketsThe peak tourism seasons in the country are during December and the mid-Summer, with brief surges during the week before Easter and Spring break, when many of the beach resort sites become popular destinations for college students from the United States.


Mexico is a favorite destination for North Americans, is also becoming increasingly popular with tourists from Europe seeking to enjoy the country's seemingly cultural, sport, nature and gastronomical tourism.

Puerto Vallarta

mexicoAnother of Mexico's undeniably well known shoreline goals is the Pacific seaside city of Puerto Vallarta. Frequently abbreviated to simply Vallarta, the city - numerous pieces of which stay immaculate by present day improvement - first showed up on the get-away radar during the 1960s as a play area for North America's social tip top and has since turned out to be very prominent among outsiders searching for second homes in a hotter atmosphere.


These days, the city is as liable to pull in a more seasoned journey send group of onlookers hoping to swim with the dolphins as it is more youthful voyagers searching for experience, found here in exercises as different as paragliding and fly skiing. For the individuals who like traveling at a little slower pace, the city additionally flaunts numerous areas to look for expressions and makes or to just walk around lovely beachside promenades with their many green spaces and figures.