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Saudia Airlines (Saudi Arabian Airlines) takes all the effort to maximise passenger comfort and convenience through its generous seating configuration, comfortable seats and in-flight services. The airline offers valued customers three classes of travel in most of its aircraft; First Class, Business Class and Guest Class. Customer satisfaction is a top priority both in the air and on the group, beginning with reservations, check-in, boarding, in-flight service, deplaning, baggage handling and assistance upon arrival.


One of the best airline which offers cheap flight tickets to diffrent cities of Saudi Arabia mainly to Makkah, Madina, Jeddah, Riyadh and Abha from UK is Saudia Airlines.To get Saudia airlines's best offers and cheap flight tickets to Pakistan,Saudi Arabiaor to any other destinations, use Acepoint Travel's online booking tool and book cheap flight tickets.


Saudia Airlines now introducing a new and simple way to book your next Umrah package. We specialise in providing deluxe, budget and basic Umrah packages and excellent customer service. From our base in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK we provide our customers with competitively priced Umrah packages. All of our Umrah packages are both IATA approved and ATOL bonded, for customised packages .For more details please contact Acepoint Travel or call +44 (0) 1494 535 666  Also, enjoy "My Upgrade" service from Saudi Arabian Airlines which allows you to upgrade to business class or first class at the price you want.

Main Airports in Saudi Arabia


 Until recently, the rich history and culture of this extraordinary country has been shrouded beneath a veil of mystery. In an effort to open up and showcase its unique heritage, the Saudi Arabia government has granted the national airline more tourist visas per country.


SAA aircrafts come equipped with personal video screens which are controlled through fully-integrated handsets or by touch. This interactive system offers video-on-demand with 24 channels on some aircrafts, and up to 40 on others. The video channels cover religious programs, international and Arabic movies, pop videos, documentaries and children’s programmes, all carefully selected to provide wholesome family entertainment.


There are also recitations from the Holy Quran, audio-on-demand with over 12 channels, a jukebox with 50 audio CD’s available for First and Business Class passengers, a range of video games, an airshow that tracks the flights progress and landscape cameras that give real-time views of the aircrafts' exterior during take-off’s and landings. There are also channels for an on-board electronic mall where passengers can order items from Skysales and have them delivered to any address.



Saudia Airlines provides various types of private aircraft to transport businessmen and company passengers within a 400-passenger capacity. SAA makes sure that their Private Aviation Unit achieves high standards in safety, security, and privacy, and offers the highest levels of professionalism in both services and catering.


Through generous seat configuration, comfortable seats and all-around in-flight services, SAA takes all the measures it possibly can to maximise passenger comfort and convenience. However, flying long distances can sometimes pose a real challenge to a passenger’s health by disrupting normal sleeping patterns and eating habits.


We recommend some basic steps to follow to maximise your comfort during long-haul flights:


  • Wear comfortable clothes when you travel. Tight-fitting clothes may naturally cause discomfort, so we’d advise you to wear loose-fitted clothes instead. Note: On some Fight Class flights, we offer comfortable pyjama suits.
  • Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated during flights. Drinks that contain caffeine are harmful to hydration. Instead, drink plenty of water or juice from SAA’s freshly-prepared range which are excellent for your health and guarantee in-flight comfort.
  • It also helps to moisten the face from time to time as cabin air tends to dry the skin.


Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated during flights. Drinks that contain caffeine are harmful to hydration. SAA offers a range of freshly-prepared fruit juices which are excellent for your health and guarantee in-flight comfort.


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