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Khareef season begins in Oman

Oman khareef season Khareef season has officially started in the governorate of Dhofar. The annual tourist season, which starts from June 21 and continues until September 21, receives flocks of visitors from inside and outside the Sultanate.


During the season, the city of Salalah ,  Oman will witness a huge influx of tourists from within the Sultanate and GCC countries as well as those from other countries. Visitors flock to Salalah , Oman to enjoy the beautiful weather as the skies remain cloudy and they are greeted with drizzles regularly. A green carpet spreads over the mountains.


Salalah is a standout amongst the most significant visitor resorts in the locale during the long periods of July and August, with it being granted the title of the Capital of the Arab Resorts of 2019. According to the National Center for Statistics and Information, 376,826 tourists visited Salalah , Oman during tourist season last year, an increase of 28.1 percent over 2017.The National Center for Statistics has just started actualizing the hands on work during the current year’s review of guests during the vacationer season. The joint exertion is required to proceed until September 21 so as to give a solid overview of the travel industry division in Dhofar Governorate.


A large portion of the beach front wilayats in the Governorate of Dhofar and its encompassing mountains, from the wilayat of Dhalkut in the west to the wilayat of Mirbat in the east, have an extraordinary atmosphere during this period, with light downpour, mist and green mountains. Dhofar is blessed with white beaches, soft sands, a range of mountains, valleys, flat plains, desert extending to the Empty Quarter, water springs, natural fountains and various caves.


Shopping centers and shops in the city are likewise seeing momentous improvement. Salalah, Oman markets are loaded with customary items and ventures this season, particularly the closeout of frankincense, incense, silver and earthenware enterprises, Omani desserts, meat, new milk and rural items. The Salalah Agricultural Plain is additionally portrayed by different tropical items, the most celebrated of which are coconut, banana, papaya and sugarcane, alongside wonderful bamboo, common stores, rich domesticated animals and marine assets.