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PIA is based in Karachi while Lahore and Islamabad serve as a secondary hub. This is the first and oldest airline in Pakistan that is serving before the Pakistan partition to present day India. It is owned by Government of Pakistan.Since then it has served through pride and comfort after having a history of milestones in aviation. It is Pakistans largest airline with more than 40 air crafts provide scheduled services to 22 domestic destinations and27 International destinations across,Europe, Asia, North America, and Middleeasethrough 100 flights on daily basis.

The airline takes is passengers safely to the destination at least 12 times a week..PIA offer cheap flight tickets from Birmingham to Islamabad starting from £405. Flights from Manchester to Islamabad starting from £350. Flights to Islamabad from London Heathrow starting from £260. Cheap Flights to Karachi from Birmingham starting from £405. Cheap Flights to Karachi from Manchester starting from £420. Flights from London to Karachi starting from £394.

Your only choice of airline for direct flights from Pakistan to UK is Pakistan International Airlines, or PIA. Pakistan‘s national flag carrier operates regular flights to London Heathrow, Manchester and to Birmingham from Islamabad. A whole host of airlines offer connecting flights from other UK airports such as Edinburgh, Glasgow and London Gatwick with varying prices and flight times.

BAGGAGE includes such articles, effects and other personal property of the passenger that is appropriate for wear, use, comfort or convenience in connection with the trip. It includes both checked and unchecked baggage. Passengers are advised not to keep valuables, cash, jewelry, important documents and precious items in their checked baggage.CHECKED BAGGAGE is the baggage of which an airline takes sole custody, and for which airline has issued a baggage tag. UN-CHECKED BAGGAGE means hand baggage, which remains in passenger’s own custody.

PIA offers a range of baggage services for Economy and Business class passengers. 07 KG MAX is allowed in economy tickets for domestic and international flights.12 KG MAX is allowed in business class tickets for domestic and international flights.