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Saudi welcomes US, UK, Schengen visa holders

Saudi Arabia has announced that visitors with an entry visa to the United States, the United Kingdom or a European visa may enter the Kingdom and obtain a visa upon arrival at airports and other ports. A source in the Tourism and National Heritage General Authority said the announcement was a continuation of the Kingdom’s tourist visa programme, a report from the Saudi Press Agency said.

The source added that a current committee chaired by Ahmed bin Aqeel Al-Khatib, Chairman of the General Tourism and National Heritage Authority, is working to identify the priorities and frameworks for implementing the visitor visa framework

The source said those who obtain a visitor or business visa to the above-mentioned countries can now enter the Kingdom and get a tourist visa upon arrival. Nevertheless, the electronic visa system is not included. However, before entering the kingdom, the visitor must have used his visa to visit the United States, UK, or any of the Schengen countries.