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South Africa in top three biodiverse nations

South AfricaSouth Africa has been called one of the world’s most biologically diverse nations. In terms of plant and animal diversity, the country joins Indonesia and Brazil in the top three richest countries. Environment Minister Barbara Creecy says the conservation estate in South Africa is rising both on land and at sea.


It follows the establishment of 20 new marine protected areas to protect 90% of the marine habitat species of the state. Creecy also published last week’s third National Biodiversity Assessment, describing the state of biodiversity in South Africa. The study took nearly 500 local scientists five years to complete and include. “With the scientific evidence from this study, we can now take further action to protect and track the efficacy of our most critical eco-infrastructure initiatives,” says Creecy. Isibindi Foundation director Paige Gehren says the report highlights the progress made in protecting biodiversity in South Africa.


“With the emergence of responsible and purposeful international tourism, the awareness comes that preserving biodiversity requires elevating and exploiting neighboring communities. In responsible tourism, our tourists can play a key role. For example, we implemented a levy per bed per night from the Isibindi Foundation. These funds will be used in this vital partnership of communities and conservation, building human fences protecting our precious biodiversity,” says Gehren. entrust