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UK government lifts Sharm El-Sheikh flight restrictions

Sharm El-SheikhThe flight restrictions to Sharm El-Sheik in Egypt have been lifted by British government officials. The decision reverses a ban imposed after a Russian airliner was bombed in 2015. The incident was linked to the Islamic State group, which saw the loss of 224 lives. Egyptian officials admitted that the airport was well below international safety standards.


Improvements in airport security procedures, and close cooperation on aviation security between the UK and Egypt, ensure that commercial airlines can now be allowed to operate routes to and from the airport. This is the first step in the resumption of flights to Sharm El-Sheikh, which is a popular destination for UK holidaymakers. This decision supports air carriers to provide more choice to travellers hoping to visit the country.


The government will collaborate with air carriers who have expressed interest in flight operations as they improve their plans. Grant Shapps, secretary of state for transport, said: “We look forward to services to Sharm El-Sheikh resuming, and lifting the restriction is the first step in that process. “British nationals ‘ safety and security remains our top priority, and this decision follows close cooperation between our aviation security experts and their Egyptian counterparts, as well as changes in airport security procedures.” In 2018, an estimated 415,000 British nationals visited Egypt.